At MDM Designs, we aim to make the process of ordering your custom design artwork as easy as possible, following the information displayed on this help page.

Every design begins with an enquiry, where the clients design brief and requirements are outlined initially.
The client outlines what service they require alongside their requirements for what they want in their design. These can include but are not restricted to the following:

  • Colours

  • Design Styles

  • Design Elements (Tribals, Circle Patterns etc.)

  • Special Effects (Matte, Glitterflake, Chrome etc.)

  • Budget

  • Sponsor Requests / Logos Required

  • Web Design Elements (Social Media Feed, Galleries, Interactions etc.)

This discussion then evolves into a confirmed order - Graphic Designs orders are the invoiced with payment required upfront to confirm the design slot.

The concept designs are then created based on the clients brief and once ready, it is sent for feedback, further discussion and approval.

Upon feedback, designs changes are made and other views are created to complete the design order as each stage is confirmed by the client.

Once the final design is confirmed, final checks are requested to ensure the artwork is as intended - spellings, colours and any unique details are requested to be checked before final sign off.

When the design is confirmed, artwork can then be sent to a manufacturer / painter or the client if it is a branding item.
If it is a website that is being designed and built, once all is confirmed via a test domain, the final website is then ready to launch.

Find out more about our 'Services' and the 'Design Process', via the links below:

Design Process


Contact us via email, phone or social media outlining what service you are after and your design specification / requirements.


Your ideas and specific requirements are supplied to us.
We work with you to plan out your design.
Quotation is made and the invoice is sent for payment.

Concept Design

Payment is then received prior to designing.
The initial concept designs are then created for you based on the client brief.


The design concept is sent to you for initial feedback based on the design brief and requirements for approval.
If any changes are required let us know and we can adjust them to suit you. Helmet designs always have the side view sent first, with the remaining views then completed


Once you are happy with your final design, the artwork is ready to be sent on to a painter or manufacturer, for helmet design or vehicle livery / kart stickers / racewear and teamwear respectively.

Logos are sent to the client. If we are producing a website, the site is then ready for launch.


Your helmet design / kart graphics / vehicle livery / racewear are finished by a painter or manufacturer and you are ready to hit the track in your MDM Design.
Alternatively your website is then live on the world wide web, ready to showcase your driver / team profile to the motorsport world.