Helmet Designs

Computerised vector 2D Helmet Designs are created to the customers desired specification for motorsport. The right image is critical for your identity and brand on track.

MDM Designs have been designing custom helmet designs for racers since our beginnings. We work with the client to create a design which is unique for them - whilst meeting their specific requirements in there design to make it a personal project for every customer.

Helmet Design Options

Our helmet designs come with a range of options - such as Side, Rear, Top and Front visuals. The main options offered is a Side View Design or a Multiple-View Design (Side, Rear, Top and Front Views)ย 

The side view is the most dominant view on the helmet, which influences the top, rear and front of the design - due to this, we always send the side view option first regardless of which option is chosen in order to confirm the majority layout of the helmet design.
If a Multi-View option is chosen, once the side is confirmed, the remaining views are then completed to match the side view.

Front views are recommended if your design is asymmetrical or has a specific placement for a design feature or logo which requires confirming on the design visual.

Helmet design orders follow the same procedure as displayed in our 'Orders' page online. We will need a design brief off the client, alongside the helmet model the design is needed for, as well as reference of the sort of the style they like.ย 
Once this information is provided, we can provide an accurate cost for the artwork design along with a lead time for design completion.

Paintwork of Final Design

MDM Designs freelance design for a large amount of helmet painting companies in the UK, Europe, USA and Australia. With these contacts, we can recommend clients onto a talented and recommended painter to complete the paintwork of your final design to the highest quality.

When the painter of your choice is known, we will send them over any vector artwork that is required for certain elements in the design - in order for them to replicate the design to the highest possible standards.

Design Examples

A range of design examples are included on this page - to give you an idea of the various styles of designs we can create, as well as showcasing how your design is presented. Alongside these, we have attached photos of completed paintwork to demonstrate the likeness to reality that can be achieved in these helmet designs.

For more information on the ordering process for helmet designs, please visit our 'Orders' page online.

There is a wide range of helmet templates designed up and ready to create your new look, so we can create a design on pretty much any motorsport helmet on the market.

Supply and Order of Design & Paintwork

MDM Designs offer a complete Helmet Design & Paintwork service which allows a client to order their new helmet design, as well as the helmet itself and any accessories required to complete the order (Eg. Spoilers, Coloured / Tinted Visors, HANS posts and more)

We work with a range of painters on a Distribution basis, where we can order the whole helmet package for you, as well as completing your ideal helmet design to make the entire process a one-stop shop is desired. (Depending on product availability)

Please contact us for more information on this option.